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Joshue O’Connor – Director / InterAccess

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InterAccess is Ireland’s leading accessibility consultancy. Founded by Joshue O’Connor who is an experienced technology consultant and internationally recognised expert in the field of inclusive design and accessible web, mobile and application development.

Josh is ex co-chair of the Accessibility Guidelines Working Group at the W3C, and editor of the WCAG 2.1 accessibility standard. He has an MSc in Assistive Technology and Universal Design, is a published author on accessible web development and design and is active in the international standards development community.

A core principle of the InterAccess modus operandi, is ‘real world’ accessible solutions. We pride ourselves in practical expertise that reflects in our working methodology. We will help you upgrade your skills and knowledge while you design and develop accessible inclusive digital services.

Saleem Rahman – Senior Accessibility Consultant

Saleem Rahman - Senior Accessibility consultant with InterAccess

Saleem is a skilled coder, developer and accessibility QA tester and has worked with for InterAccess on accessibility projects with Aer Lingus, ESB, financial services company FEXCO, transit company RouteMatch as well as Failte Ireland.

Saleem has a Bachelors of Science in Computing and Information Technology (Hons).

As an expert screen reader user both personally and professionally – Saleem has a deep knowledge of screen reader functionality and behaviour on mobile, and desktop environments.

This deeper understanding that Saleem brings to our clients helps them to create more accessible and pleasant user experiences for people with disabilities.

Saleem has been using JAWS for more than 10 years – and is expert in QA testing using NVDA, VoiceOver (iOS and Mac) – as well as trouble shooting accessibility issues when auditing against WCAG 2.0.

Saleem also writes regularly on the InterAccess blog about his adventures as an accessibility consultant and QA tester (who is also a screen reader user) and the challenges of using JIRA and accessible Android app development.

Pat Cullen – Accessibility Consultant and Trainer

Pat Cullen - Accessibility consultant with InterAccess

Pat Cullen has been working in the accessibility field for 5 years as an accessibility auditor, team lead and consultant. He has worked closely with testers, developers, designers, product owners and senior management to help them understand the accessibility auditing process and provide advice and training during accessibility engagements.

Pat has performed hundreds of audits using all of the major accessibility environments on commercial websites and applications and he is equally at home with mobile or desktop accessibility testing.

His favourite accessibility activities include: keyboard testing, colour selection, improving best practice, Accessibility QA training, design review, solution advice, testing verification in Agile and helping our clients to understand and satisfy the WCAG 2.1 success criteria.

Brian Dalton – Project Manager / Accessibility QA Lead

Brian Dalton - Accessibility consultant with InterAccess

Brian Dalton is a subject matter expert in accessibility related QA testing, with vast experience in the Waterfall and Agile frameworks.

He has delivered accessibility training programs during the whole life cycle of many software development projects.

These include accessibility requirements and testing from the project vision document, the analysis and design phase, and creating accessibility business requirements and user stories, functional test cases, through to creating a user-friendly experience.

He has managed the delivery of key projects for InterAccess clients such as: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, the NTA and Irish Rail as well as giving accessibility training to the HSE.

Brian is a power screen reader user and a beta tester with JAWS (Job Access with Speech), one of the key screen readers used by blind people around the world.

His experience in using assistive technology at a professional and personal level, gives him a deep knowledge and understanding of what is needed to create a pleasant experience for screen reader users when auditing for and working with clients to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Brian is a keen blogger, and likes to share his knowledge and experience on the Interaccess blog – he is also an avid music fan and DJs on Team-fm.

Daniela Leder – Accessibility Consultant and Trainer

Daniela Leder - Accessibility consultant with InterAccess

Daniela Leder is an experienced accessibility consultant, accessibility QA tester and trainer. She is certified as a Certified Professional in Web Accessibility (CPWA) by the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP) and as a Trusted Tester by the US Department of Homeland Security.

She has worked with companies from the US to Germany, performing accessibility audits on commercial websites and apps based on various standards including WCAG 2.0/2.1, Section 508 and BITV. Coming from a work background as a teacher for children and adults with physical and cognitive disabilities and holding both a degree in Social Work and a Bachelor of Science in Computing (Hons) she combines a deep understanding of the barriers in the digital as well as the natural world that people with disabilities face on a daily basis and a passion to remove those barriers.

She is equally at home with both desktop and mobile accessibility testing and working with all major environments. She likes to dig into code and provide actionable solutions when troubleshooting accessibility issues. She also likes to share her knowledge in training with an emphasis on mobile accessibility.

InterAccess credentials

W3C Invited Expert

Auditing, ux & Consultancy experience

  • 01

    Seasoned Accessibility Auditor of Websites, Web applications and mobile apps.

  • 02

    Consulted with over 60 public sector and private sector organisations.

  • 03

    Expert Assistive Technology knowledge from over 12 years hands on experience of working directly with people with disabilities.

  • 04

    Experienced UX analyst: facilitating user tests doing requirements gathering and testing with many users with diverse/multimodal requirements and technology needs.

Project management, Writing & Research