InterAccess worked on the TFT Active Travel Logger project

Transport for Ireland – Active travel logger project

Pump up your wheels, lace up your shoes, top up your Leap Card – And get ready to Get Active! InterAccess worked last year on the Transport for Ireland project Active Travel Logger for Partners of the Smarter Travel Workplaces and Smarter Travel Campus programmes. Smarter Travel Workplaces and Smarter Travel Campus are public awareness programmes working with employers and …

InterAccess are working with SilverCloud Health

Working with SilverCloud Health – accessible cognitive therapy

InterAccess are happy to partner again with SilverCloud Health to help them realize their ambition to have an accessible platform for their services. SilverCloud Health are an award winning industry leader in internet-delivered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy solutions. The company has received numerous awards and has been recognized many times for being an innovator in its space. their commitment to providing …

InterAccess is working with the department of Public Expenditure and Reform

Public Expenditure and Reform – ‘Return to Work’ accessibility testing

InterAccess worked with the Public Expenditure Reform department on a Return to Work LMS designed to help people return to work during the COVID pandemic. We tested the application for accessibility. The course is five modules of video, word documentation, andfeedback forms. This project was a similar to the previous one we worked on in 2019 called OneLearning LMS

Ireland finally transposes EU Web Accessibility Directive into Irish law

Web Accessibility Directive transposed into Irish law

We are very happy to note that the EU Web Accessibility Directive has been transposed into Irish law, or Directive 2016/2102 (EU) of the European Parliament and of the Council of 26 October 2016, if you wish to be fancy. It happened on Sept 23rd and was brought into effect by Minister Eamon Ryan. There was sadly little fanfare, which …

InterAccess are working with Aer Lingus on Responsive design project

Responsive Accessibility with Aer Lingus

Since late 2015, InterAccess has been an accessibility partner with Aer Lingus and we will work through this challenging time together to ensure their services have a high level of accessibility. When this engagement began, the challenge was to ensure that the Make, Manage and Check-in flows were accessible to a screen reader and keyboard user, along with implementing colour …

InterAccess are working with HMH on various eLearning accessibility projects

E learning Accessibility collaboration with Haughton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH)

Introduction Since April 2019, InterAccess have been and continue to work as an accessibility partner with Haughton Mifflin Harcourt, (HMH) in Dublin. They are an established global client, in the education and e-learning area. They are very eager to provide the best user experience to their students, including those who use assistive technology. They require a partner who can provide …

InterAccess are working on mobile app accessibility testing for AIB

AIB Mobile App and Banking platform testing

InterAccess will soon be working with AIB in testing their AIB Mobile Banking app (iOS)/ AIB banking (Android) as well as undertaking WCAG 2.1 audits of their AIB internet banking system. We have undertaken user testing previously and are happy that AIB are actively working to insure their banking apps and platforms are accessible to the broadest range of users, …

InterAccess are working with HMH on eLearning platform accessibility

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

InterAccess are delighted to announce that we are working as accessibility partners with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in Dublin. We are working on testing the accessibility of their various learning platforms, user testing for issues relating to Ed – Your Friend in Learning – an online teaching and learning system, and the Responsive Content Engine (RCE) a rendering engine for all …

New Responsive Aer Lingus project

We are really happy to be again working with Aer Lingus on their Responsive design project. Aer Lingus are committed to ensuring their website and services are accessible to people with disabilities and users of Assistive Technology. We are working with them on the create of accessible user stories, and acceptance criteria for a range of accessibility and responsive requirements …

Interaccess are working the NTA on the project

Accessible PDFs for NTA

InterAccess are helping the National Transport Authority (NTA) create accessible PDFs as a part of their information campaign “A better bus network for Dublin” – this relates also to the Bus Connects project that InterAccess worked on, also by creating accessible PDF, HTML and audio files.