Interaccess are working the NTA on the project

Working with NTA on

InterAccess are very happy to announce that we are working with the National Transport Authority (NTA) on the project, which aims to overhaul the current bus system in the Dublin region. The NTA are committed to ensuring the website and related maps and other documentation are accessible to the widest audience including blind, low-vision, keyboard only and switch users.

Android P Accessibility for devs

Android P Accessibility for Devs

by Saleem Ur Rahman @saleem4Rahman. In this article Saleem will be looking at the new features that Google has implemented in Android P for developers to make their apps more accessible. Improvement to Navigation Screen readers are often misunderstood as being just that. Actually a more correct term is screen reading and navigators. This a core part of how the …

WCAG 2.1 is a technical recommendation

WCAG 2.1 is a technical recommendation

W3C has announced a significant update to W3C’s internationally-recognised Web Content Accessibility Guidelines which addresses accessibility of web content, websites and web applications on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 expands upon guidance developed by W3C’s Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) over the years, and is used widely around the world to make web content …

Saleem Rahman manning InterAccess stall at Procurex 2018 Expo RDS Dublin

InterAccess at procurement expo RDS 2018

InterAccess were happy to have a stall at the Procurex public sector expo. The event brought suppliers and procurers from multiple threads of government services together under one roof in the RDS last week. It was a great event and we were very happy to meet with people interested in accessibility and inclusion from such a diverse range of backgrounds.

Usability Testing with people with disabilities

Blind QA testing: Linking user stories to test cases in Jira (part 3)

by Brian Dalton @daltobr and Saleem Ur Rahman @saleem4Rahman Welcome to Part 3, in our series on Blind QA testing tips and techniques for screen reader users working in the software or web development industry. We are continuing this month with our articles on using JIRA for bug tracking. In this article we will look at how to link user …

InterAccess accessibility training for UX designers, developers and content authors.

Blind QA testing: Using Jira as Screen reader user (part 2)

By Saleem Ur Rahman and Brian Dalton Jira is an issue tracking tool, developed by Atlassian. It is commonly used in Project Management and QA circles to log and track issues during the SDLC of a project. It has a logical workflow, meaning that full visibility of an issue can be easily traced and tracked from creation to resolution. In …

InterAccess are working with RouteMatch - accessible transit services

Training in Web and accessible mobile app development

InterAccess are now working with providing training in accessible web and mobile application development for their UX and developer teams. RouteMatch provide customised transit services globally and are committed to providing an accessible service to all their users regardless of ability.

Blind QA testing (Part 1): A Screen Reader Users Perspective

Blind QA testing (Part 1): A Screen Reader Users Perspective

By Brian Dalton, and Saleem Rahman. In this new series of articles, Brian Dalton will share his experiences and advice working as an Accessibility QA tester and consultant. He will be discussing his methodologies and tools, as well as giving advice for those with diverse ability who either already work or may wish to work in this exciting area. In …

Interview with Joshue O Connor talking about working on WCAG 2.1, running InterAccess and more

NCBI Podcast interview with Joshue O Connor

I was very happy to be asked to give a talk on new work that I’m involved with in the Accessibility Guidelines Working Group at the W3C and our progress in WCAG 2.1. It’s always nice to talk with my friend Stuart Lawlor, I hope that you find the interview interesting, do go to the NCBI website and get the …

InterAccess - Accessibility partners for Syncronoss.

Working with Synchronoss on Accessible Mobile/Cloud solutions

InterAccess are very happy to announce that we are working with Synchronoss (NASDAQ: SNCR) who provide essential mobile solutions for Service Providers and Enterprise through proven and scalable software solutions and platforms. Synchronoss work on digital identity, cloud, messaging, applied analytics, and secure mobility. Synchronoss has one of the largest, most comprehensive technology platforms in production, widely used by the …