Working with Irish Rail

Last year was a busy year for us and Irish Rail. InterAccess worked on a range of projects to audit and test many parts of the Irish Rail digital estate.These included Irish Rail Travel Alerts and Live Departures Design Review, HACON journey planner, and Booking engine.

InterAccess are helping the OPW with making more accessible

Working with the Office of Public Works

InterAccess are helping the Office of Public Works (OPW) to improve the accessibility of national flood information portal. provides location specific access to flood risk and flood management information and is where people can view the community risk and measures in place, underway and now proposed to tackle flood risk. This map and plan viewer website is another important …

Helping to make access to budgetary advice more inclusive

Accessible Money, Advice and Budgeting (MABS)

InterAccess are working on improving the accessibility of the the Money Advice and Budgeting Service (MABS). MABS primarily works with people experiencing over-indebtedness in all its forms. Money advisers help clients by reviewing their budgets, negotiating with their creditors and looking at opportunities to maximise their income. InterAccess are very happy to be working on improving the accessibility and reach …

Accessibility audits of new emerging technology and innovation in healthcare

InterAccess – accessibility testing for emerging healthcare technologies

InterAccess are working with Woebot Health to improve the accessibility of the Woebot platform. The AI-powered Woebot Health Platform provides a foundation for digital therapeutics and clinical tools that span the care continuum. Woebot have developed solutions for behavioural health and a pipeline of digital therapeutics intended for use as medical interventions. They provide a suite of monitoring tools that …

InterAccess provided accessibility training to many of our clients in 2021

InterAccess accessibility training in 2021

InterAccess have provided accessibility training in 2021 to Irish Rail, Dublin City Council, the National Transport Authority, Sysnet, Marino Software and OpenJAW tech. Our online training modules continue to be well received and we are happy to continue to help our clients build their accessibility knowledge and capacity.

InterAccess accessibility audit for Realizeit Learning

Accessibility audits – working with Realizeit Learning

InterAccess are working with Realizeit Learning, to help improve the accessibility of their platforms. RealizeIit work in the online learning space for both educators and the private sector. Realizeit provide personalised learning at scale, that dynamically adapts to their user’s requirements.

Remote accessibility usability testing with InterAccess

New usability testing service involving people with disabilities

InterAccess have partnered with Enable Ireland to provide a new usability testing service involving people with disabilities. We are very happy to be working with Enable Ireland service owners, who are users of a broad range of Assistive Technologies, who will work with us on testing the accessibility of InterAccess clients websites, apps and services. Watch this space for more …

InterAccess and ESB renew their accessibility partnership in 2021

ESB extend InterAccess accessibility partnership

We are very happy to announce that ESB have extended their accessibility partnership with InterAccess. We have worked with the ESB since we started in 2015, on a broad range of projects, including ESB Powercheck app, and many services relating to business and residential aspects of their digital estate. Since 2020, InterAccess have been heavily engaged with ESB on a …

InterAccess are accessibility partners for the National Transport Authority (NTA)

InterAccess are accessibility partners for the National Transport Authority (NTA)

The National Transport Authority (NTA) are the organisation that licenses and governs companies to provide sustainable transport across Ireland. InterAccess has recently entered a long-term engagement with the NTA, to provide guidance and understanding to the team, on how the most accessible documents can be created, for projects such as Bus Connects. Online customised training was provided to the content …

InterAccess are working as accessibility partners for Irish Rail

Accessibility partners for Irish Rail

InterAccess is very happy to be the accessibility partner for Irish Rail, Ireland’s railway network provider. Since 2018, We have built a strong relationship with the Irish Rail digital content team, who are responsible for online platforms. This is helping Irish Rail to deliver the highest level of accessible user experience for customers who use assistive technology. In this engagement …