Welcome to InterAccess Online Accessibility Training

Online Accessibility Training

Do you need to:

  • Get to grips with understanding accessibility quickly but effectively?
  • Make sense of the current accessibility standards?
  • Develop a practical approach for accessible development using HTML/ARIA and Javascript?
  • Know what tools to use for accessibility testing and evaluation?
  • Learn how to write accessibility user stories?
  • Understand accessible mobile app development?
  • Gain real accessibility skills as a designer or UX pro?

Yes? Then our online accessibility training is just what you need. We welcome project managers, web developers, UX designers – content authors and more – and offer you an overview of practical solutions and useful accessibility patterns for your entire online ecosystem.

Gain practical expertise from real accessibility experts  that will ensure quality knowledge transfer and discussion.

Accessibility Training Modules

Below are links to the modules that we offer:

Get in touch for a quote or more info via email online accessibility training

If you want a face to face accessibility training quote let us know, we are also happy to talk so do call us on (+353) 01 961 0059.

Who will I learn from?

The InterAccess team are expert in accessible development, design, WCAG conformance, usability testing with people with disabilities, accessible mobile development, QA accessibility – screen reader and assistive technology (AT) usage and interoperability with accessibility APIs.

How does online training work and how long are the modules?

We provide training online using Zoom, a link will be provided – and each class module lasts an hour. Each class module is part of a larger ‘learning path’ that can be as long as you need. They can be taken alone, as needed, or a part of a progressive path to greater accessibility understanding.

How much does it cost?

Let us know what accessibility training modules you are interested in and we will quote you. They represent great value, and this format means your teams will not be out of office all day, or wasting time. This format is focussed, efficient and cost effective.