Online accessibility training / Mentoring & consultancy / WCAG accessibility audits

InterAccess offer an end-to-end solution for your projects whether it is a website, mobile app, or web application.

Our consultancy services are designed to help you to have confidence that your services and software are really accessible and usable by the widest range of people, including users of assistive technology.

Apart from being the right thing to do for all your users, we help you understand the benefits a high level of accessibility, usability and aesthetics; as well as meet your legislative requirements – improve your SEO ratings, increase general levels of customer satisfaction, and provide greater access to your products and services.


NEW: Online Accessibility Training

We can provide extensive online training for your teams in focussed, short modules. Learn more about our online accessibility training.

Learn to better understand accessibility and the practical steps you can take to improve the reach of your services for everyone.


Design an accessible process

InterAccess can provide an initial assessment will help you to get an overview of the scope of work needed to make your site or service truly accessible.

Not sure where to start? Or how to develop a policy towards accessibility?

We can help with:

  • Accessibility assessment
  • Accessibility mentoring and consultancy
  • Preparing for changes in accessibility policy

Accessibility audits and advice

Our accessibility auditing service in an evaluation of your product or service against recognised international standards such as WCAG 2.1 and Section 508.

Consulting with InterAccess can help you with end-to-end support when assessing, implementing and improving your product or service.

We can help with:

  • Accessibility audits
  • Regression testing
  • Web Application and Mobile testing


Usability testing with people with disabilities

User test your site or app with people who use assistive technology to gain a real insight into how effective your online presence really is.

We can provide:

  • Access to real users
  • Expert Usability/UX Evaluation
  • After an audit a user test is a perfect validation test
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