InterAccess are working with Aer Lingus on Responsive design project

Responsive Accessibility with Aer Lingus

Since late 2015, InterAccess has been an accessibility partner with Aer Lingus and we will work through this challenging time together to ensure their services have a high level of accessibility.

When this engagement began, the challenge was to ensure that the Make, Manage and Check-in flows were accessible to a screen reader and keyboard user, along with implementing colour contrast accessibility for visually impaired users.

It should be noted, that at this point, it was not possible for any of the above users to Make, Manage or check in for a flight booking independently.

From the beginning, our consultants integrated into the agile framework that existed in the organisation, working with the Project Manager, the Business Analysts, the design team, the Developers and the QA manual testing team. We provided advice in all areas such as:

InterAccess were involved in grooming/estimation, sprint testing, defect creation and resolution and demos of product features to the Business Owner once they were completed. We worked on:

  • Building accessibility requirements into business rules
  • Writing accessibility ready acceptance criteria for the user stories
  • Providing awareness and documentation to the design and development team
  • Implementing accessibility requirements
  • Testing for accessibility for both screen reader and keyboard users within the manual test team.

Owing to a high level of collaboration and commitment from team members and the consultancy offered by Interaccess, the ask was met, within 6 months, it was possible for a screen reader and a visually impaired keyboard user to Make, Manage and check-in for a booking on a flight.

Continuing the Engagement

Once the site was accessible, there was a requirement from the airline not to break this functionality. They have asked us to be their accessibility partner, to ensure that accessibility is incorporated into all projects, and provide advice at all levels. We have provided training on areas such as: assistive technology awareness, WCAG requirements and team specific training.

Responsive Design and Accessibility

We have recently worked on a Responsive Design project especially for mobile devices. Aer Lingus wanted to ensure that their site, provided a user-friendly experience to their guests on both desktop and mobile platforms, behaved in a responsive way and had a high level of accessibility too. The ask this time was to ensure that all aspects of their website were accessible on desktop, IOS and Android devices.

Once again, we integrated in all areas of the project team, to ensure that accessibility was implemented at all levels on all platforms mentioned above. It is possible for a screen reader and keyboard user to make, manage and check-in for a flight using their browser.

InterAccess have recommended several user enhancements to make this experience better, which they are currently working on. We are very happy to be an accessibility partner to an organisation, which has demonstrated a high level of commitment of accessibility for all users of its’ booking engine.