InterAccess is working for the man.

Working with Revenue and the new MyAccount portal

InterAccess is working for the man. We just finished accessibility consultancy work on the new ‘MyAccount’ portal for the Irish Revenue commissioners.

While arguably not the glamorous side of Inclusive Design, Revenue perform an important social function and over the years have proven themselves to be committed to ensuring that their services are inclusive – and we can all rightly pay our taxes. You’re welcome!

myAccount is a new single access point for secure online services such as PAYE Anytime, LPT, HRI and many more using a single login and password.

It has the following features:

  • Single password for your secure tax services
  • Secure and verified, keeping your identity safe online
  • Same day access using text or email

Who can register?

Individuals who are not registered for Revenue Online Services (ROS).

This mainly includes:

  • PAYE taxpayers
  • LPT taxpayers
  • Business customers who do not have an active digital certificate for ROS

MyAccount and WCAG 2.0

Accessibility is a key requirement for Revenue’s new MyAccount portal. To ensure MyAccount is WCAG 2.0 Level AA compliant, Revenue hired InterAccess to undertake an accessibility audit and review to ensure that they reach this goal.

The MyAccount pages were tested in a range of screen readers (JAWS/NVDA/VoiceOver) and browsers as well as for general keyboard accessibility, good colour contrast and error suggestion/recovery.