Interaccess have been invted to speak at the upcoming Funka Accessibility days gig in Stockholm.

Speaking at the upcoming Funka Accessibility Days conference [April 2016]

Funka Accessibility Days is northern Europe’s largest conference on accessible ICT. Some of the world´s leading experts on web accessibility will converge in the beautiful city of Stockholm, Sweden. I’m very happy to have been asked to give talk on current and future work in WCAG at the upcoming Accessibility Days conference (April 13th-14th).

The conference has plenary sessions on regulations, legislation and standardisation at national and international level. There are also parallel sessions that concentrate on content, design, navigation, and how visitors perceive information as well as developer issues, testing tools and assistive technology.

I had great fun at the last one I attended around 2 years ago, met some old friends and made some ones. Funka are great hosts and are a very professional and dedicated crew, so its a pleasure to be asked back.