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InterAccess are Ireland’s leading provider of web and mobile accessibility consultancy and training services.

We help our clients really understand accessibility and how to create practical design and development solutions for their projects that also conform to international accessibility guidelines, while maintaining a high level of usability and aesthetics.

Our services are designed to give you the confidence that your websites, web applications, and mobile apps really are accessible and usable by the widest range of people, including users of Assistive Technology. We do this by combinations of manual testing and accessibility audits (from quick iterative testing in sprints to full validation testing) to practical user testing with people with disabilities.

Web standards are import – but don’t just conform to the standard! InterAccess can help you see that it is possible to build stuff that is not only great but really works for everyone. Talk to us about the benefits of attentively ensuring a high level of accessibility and usability for your digital services.

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  • Need help understanding accessibility? Get training!
  • Accessibility doesn’t work in silos – We can help you develop an effective accessibility policy that works across your organisation.
  • Accessibility Audits for your website, application or mobile app.
  • Understand WCAG 2.1 and the European Union (Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications of Public Sector Bodies) Regulations 2020.
  • Usability testing with people with disabilities and users of AT.
  • Get highlights video footage of your accessibility and usability barriers.
  • Mobile accessibility auditing and testing.
  • Manual and automated accessibility QA testing.
Accessibility is a process – Make InterAccess your accessibility partner.


Fintan Kennedy – Information Systems – Irish Rail

The professionalism and in-depth knowledge of the InterAccess team is second to none, and I would highly recommend their services as a partner for accessibility.

Their training courses and accessibility testing services are simply a must for anyone working towards more inclusive website and software development. In layman’s terms, these folks really know their stuff and are great to work with.


Joe McBride – Principal Officer – Revenue.ie

When we were building accessibility into our PAYE Anytime system, we contracted Joshue to audit the work we had completed. This was done through a combination of an audit along with accessibility trials with visually impaired users which he organised. Out of this he produced a report on his findings.

In summary, we found Joshue to be diligent and professional, and we received excellent value for money. We’d have no hesitation in using his services in the future.

Tracy Browne, Head of UX, Routematch Software Ltd

Josh and the InterAccess team provide an excellent professional service and fantastic guidance in software accessibility. Their training, guidelines, test and review services, help to make applications accessible to all and can positively influence the end user experience of products for all users.

Ivan Culhane
Head of Technology and Development at FEXCO Merchant Services

Joshue brought a huge amount of knowledge to the FEXCO development team for our US and Canadian partners and customers that are WCAG compliant.

Joshue was a guide, mentor and adviser to our team. His approach and his team’s approach to the work was efficient , precise and accurate, which made it easy for us to work with.

FEXCO were under extremely tight deadlines in order to achieve WCAG compliance when Joshue came on board, all credit to Joshue, he was able to work closely with the team and help us achieve our goal of compliance.

InterAccess Ltd – CRO: 566339