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Why work with us?

Conformance to accessibility standards is just the start. Don't just conform. InterAccess will help you build things that are highly usable and accessible for people with disabilities. Remember, that behind every accessibility checkbox there is a real user need.

Our Services

InterAccess offers quality end-to-end accessibility consultancy and training services. Not sure what is the right path for you? We will happily help you figure out where you need to be and how to get there.

Conforming to standards and your legal requirements is important, but really it is only the beginning. Being accessible is not just the right thing to do, but will make your code and designs better for you and your users. That's where you want to be, and InterAccess can help you get there.

Real accessibility work takes attention to detail, understanding diverse and even competing user needs. Supporting the correct use of semantics, personalisation, and adaptation are core to a quality user experience.

No one designs to exclude people but this is what often happens. Meeting your legal requirements and checking boxes are important, but that's not the full picture. With some thought and a little effort, we can help you really understand the 'what', 'why', and 'how', of accessibility.

What are the benefits of Accessibility?

There is a halo effect when are making your services accessible. We help you really understand the proven benefits of accessible and usable products such as improved SEO ratings, happier clients with greater access to your services and products. Better code, cleaner designs. When form follows function, everyone wins. We need to do the hard work, make things easy to use, and hide complexity from the end user.

Our services are designed to empower your organisation to better understand and integrate accessibility into your design and development practices. This will help you meet your legislative commitments, and ultimately give you the confidence that your services and products are really accessible and usable by people with disabilities. If you want to get real insight why not involve people with disabilities in usability testing?.

Understanding accessibility standards and legal requirements is hard

It is not always clear in the beginning what accessibility standards, and your legal requirements are all about. Yes, it is complicated so you need an accessibility partner who can help you through the process. We will help both understand the underlying user need that you are trying to meet, and the technical requirements needed to meet that need.

Web Standards - WCAG 2.X Audits and Testing

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and other standards, such as Section 508, are outlined in directives such as EN 301 549 or determined by European standards such the EU Accessibility Act.Your website or services will be evaluated against these standards and guidelines.

These are the standards that everyone talks about and few understand in detail. They contain the mechanisms for measuring and assessing your level of accessibility, and are designed to help raise awareness of diverse user requirements, and provide a measurable framework.

Our accessibility auditing service is an evaluation of your product or service against recognised international standards such as the WCAG 2.x series and Section 508.

Do I just have to have an accessibility audit done once and thats it?

No, in addition to formal audits, InterAccess can help you with regression testing, web application and mobile testing, and manual and automated quality assurance in various sprints.

Regular accessibility audits and testing play a vital role in a successful accessibility strategy; read about our WCAG 2.X Audits and Testing services to learn more.

While they can give an indication of what is working or not, in the end an audit just doesn't reflect the quality of user experience for people with disabilities. You can have a perfect, technically accessible site that is still hard to use by many people with disabilities. Is that good enough?

Let's be better.

Usability Testing

Web standards are important, but how usable is your site or application for users with disabilities? InterAccess partners with service owners from Enable Ireland and other people with disabilities to perform remote usability testing by people with disabilities using real assistive technologies.

Read more about our Usability Testing Services. You will gain powerful insights into how accessible and usable your digital products really are.

Accessibility Training

The InterAccess team are experts in:

  • Design reviews
  • Accessible mobile and application development
  • WCAG conformance
  • Usability testing involving people with disabilities
  • Accessibility quality assurance
  • Screen reader and many other assistive technologies
  • AT interoperability with accessibility APIs
  • Emerging technologies and accessibility

Our flexible Training Services are designed with your company's goals in mind, and will help you build expertise in a focused and cost-effective way.

Contact us to find out how we can assist you with your training needs to bring your accessibility skillset to the next level.

Standards Reporting and Communications

Unsure how to communicate your accessibility efforts and wins with your users and legal evaluators?

We help you utilise Accessibility Statements, Accessibility Support Matrices and Conformance reports to meet your legal and contractual obligations, while providing helpful information to anyone who may need it. Read Standards Reporting and Communications services to find out more.