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WCAG 2.x Accessibility Audits

An effective testing and auditing strategy plays a vital part in creating and maintaining an accessible product set. Regular evaluations and subsequent bug remediation will give you confidence that you are meeting the required web standards such as the WCAG 2.X series and Section 508.

Our expert testers can help with:

  • Accessibility audits against your chosen benchmarks
  • Regression testing and validation
  • Web application and mobile testing

Consulting with InterAccess can help you with end-to-end support when assessing, implementing and improving your product or service.

How Do We Report Our Findings?

Static reports in the form of spreadsheets or documents are a thing of the past. The InterAccess team can integrate directly with your reporting tool to ensure issues are traceable, actionable and immediately available to the teams who need them.

We provide:

  • Seamless integration with your issue tracking tools, saving you time. We use JIRA to log issues and for reporting. We can also provide bug reports as exported CSV files and provide reports in Word and PDF formats as needed.
  • Description of the user impact and any standards violations, giving you context for how the bugs you fix will help you conform to accessibility standards and improve access for your users.
  • Expert code solutions, that provide clear direction and fix accessibility bugs, all while educating developers in accessibility best practices.
  • Securely hosted video demos using AT, with clear instructions that help you understand and reproduce the bugs we find.
  • A method for the clear prioritisation of issues so you know where to start, as well as track progress.
  • Executive summaries of testing reports and links to more detailed specifics of bug tracking.

Do You Develop Using Agile?

Fitting accessibility testing into Scrum or kanban frameworks has proven challenging for many organisations. Rather than leaving accessibility solely in the hands of developers (or even testers) throughout each sprint, the goal is to spread accessibility responsibilities across the entire workflow from planning through design and development. Everyone has a part to play.

This efficient approach means that accessibility barriers are removed and solutions are fully teased out before they are hard-coded in. With a clear breakdown of design, development and test responsibilities, and a cyclical approach to early design reviews, we can ensure quality remains high as products are updated in an Agile fashion.

InterAccess can support your Agile testing needs by:

  • Assisting with early-and-often design reviews.
  • Providing regular automated and manual test passes and regressions as features are built.
  • Performing periodic accessibility audits and usability reviews to fit in with your release schedules.

Contact us to discuss our testing and training services, and let's talk about how we can help empower your organisation to be Agile and accessible.