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Usability testing

Involving real people with disabilities in usability testing is a fantastic way to gain an insight into the user experience, and to really see just how usable your website, mobile app or service is.

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Even for more accessibility aware designers and developers the final user experience is something that is often, unintentionally neglected when the focus is on auditing and testing for accessibility conformance.

At InterAccess we always emphasise the importance of a quality accessible user experience and not just conformance to accessibility standards.

COVID era Usability testing

In COVID times, facilitating 'in person' usability testing has become nearly impossible, so we are very happy to present this new remote usability testing service for our clients. InterAccess have partnered with Enable Ireland service owners who are now a part of our panel of usability testers, bringing a range of diverse assistive technology (AT) experience.

What are the benefits of Usability Testing?

Usability testing is a great way to connect or ground accessibility, with the real lived user experience. When you doing accessibility auditing, or QA testing, you often just don't get to see how your design and code is used in the wild by people with disabilities. Our remote usability testing allows you to gain valuable insight into how design choices and decisions impact the user.

On top of the benefit of getting immediate feedback on the quality of UX for your services, there are other benefits your team can gain. From watching your usability test recordings you get valuable insight, and a deeper understanding of the needs of people with disabilities.

Our remote usability testing service will demonstrate the technologies they use, how they use them, and the common issues that people with disabilities have. When you are watching usability testing footage of a website, app or service that you have designed, coded, and built, then this experience is powerful.

The experience your design and dev teams can gain from having access to usability testing will also carry into future work and is a great way of making the accessibility process more real and human.

What will you learn?

Good usability testing can give you 'real world' details about your site, mobile app, and service so you can learn if it is:

  • Easy to understand and to use.
  • Satisfying
  • Valued

It's also a useful record of your accessibility and usability improvements over time.

  • You can test site-wide or individual components on the fly, to see if new design patterns work well (or not)
  • Reduce the cost of service and support
  • Increase sales

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