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Accessibility Training

InterAccess understands the challenges associated with adopting an accessibility strategy. Everybody involved in product development, from Project Managers to Quality Engineers, have a part to play when planning and building accessible and usable digital products. Defining a new, holistic approach to accessibility in the context of your existing development processes can feel overwhelming.

Our training is designed to build confidence and capability in your teams. Our current accessibility modules are:

Custom accessibility training

Based on your requirements InterAccess can create a custom training path to help you:

  • Build an understanding of accessibility and the needs of your users with disabilities.
  • Get to grips with current WCAG accessibility standards.
  • Provide role-based training for all employees to encourage a culture of empathy, ownership and accountability across the entire development ecosystem.
  • Develop a practical approach for accessible mobile and web app development using HTML, ARIA and JavaScript.
  • Create pragmatic testing and audit strategies, taking advantage of tooling and automation in the most effective way.
  • Empower Agile teams to incorporate accessibility into rapid, sprint-based development.
  • Clearly define your legal and contractual obligations, and help devise a practical road map to meet your commitments.

Tailored, flexible training and practical expertise from our best-in-industry accessibility experts will support your organisation to reach your accessibility goals in the most optimum, cost effective way.

Meet your Training Partners

The InterAccess team has a wealth of experience in accessible design, mobile and web application development, WCAG conformance, usability testing with people with disabilities, accessibility testing and auditing, screen reader and assistive technology (AT) usage and interoperability with accessibility APIs.

Extensive experience partnering with a wide range of small, medium and large businesses (see our clients) has enabled our team to develop focused and effective training modules while staying abreast of current product development processes.

Our Training Modules

Review a sample of our current accessibility training modules that can be delivered in person or over Zoom. Each module can be delivered alone, or as a part of a larger progressive learning path designed to meet the specific needs of your organisation. If there is something that you need that we don't currently offer, let us know.

Contact us to chat about our training services to get you up to speed, quickly and effectively.