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QA Accessibility Testing

Learn how to test for accessibility issues in simple, understandable ways.

Learn about accessibility quality assurance testing

In this module we’ll look at how anyone can perform different types of accessibility testing. For example: keyboard, screen reader, colour contrast, zoom/reflow, tool-assisted and more.

We’ll perform interactive demonstrations of how to test, you’ll learn about the environments that should be used and about some of the most effective testing methods.

We’ll also review different types of tools available to use that will speed up our accessibility testing. There will be demonstrations of popular browser extensions and standalone tools, reviews of issues found and instructions on how to make best use of the tool. You’ll also learn about other useful tools such as in-built browser tools, stand-alone applications, bookmarklets, and other items that we can use to catch accessibility issues.

After completing the module you’ll be better able to test your content for accessibility and will know how to identify and report accessibility issues.
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